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Wedding Photography on Nikon DF Camera


Thanks for this post Barney, as a wedding photographer looking at getting a Df to replace a well loved D700 I found it really useful. I have a D800 that I love as it captures detail and dynamic range by the boat load but not sure I (or my Hard Drives!) could face twice the number of D800 RAW Files!

The Df looks a good option and from your post it sounds like it works well in most wedding situations. I am sure there times where the action may move quicker than the Df’s more limited controls and dials can keep up so having the D800 should fill that gap.

Also think the Df (with 35 or 50mm Lens) might replace my Fuji X100 as a personal and travel camera – would be interested in your thoughts on the Df for this use too?

Hey Alex,

Thanks for the message and glad you found it useful. Since writing I have bought a D4 and am still using my D3s on a daily basis. The DF is still also getting used but is taking a back seat on jobs, particularly faster paced parts of wedding days when it does stress me out a little (normally due to focusing issues and back button focus) – its fine but when trying to frame awkwardly or way from the ‘norm’ its then you realise the limitations. If I’m working closer to the subject then its fine and if i’m taking a bit more time to do something. Im also using the DF alongside the D3s and D4 as a third body with third lens easy switch option.

Would hate to think about D800 files! – I have noticed a slight difference in using a D3 and D3s to now a D4, Df and D3s combo with slightly slower rendering issues. (thats on a iMAC 27 with maxed out Ram). – thankfully never had to deal with D800 files, nor do i intend to.

I have owned a Fuji X100 in the past (for about two weeks). honestly I hated it and it just wasn’t for me. Too small I think ! Have always leant towards a full size camera as a personal camera – but now the DF fills that roll, particularly because can just switch and use the same settings I would normally. + I love switching it too full manual mode and using it just as I would my FM2.

Best of luck!

Barney. :)

Good read, I’m a full time pro and looking at the DF as a replacement to work along side my D3. I find the D3 is a bit heavy on a 10 hour shoot and my back and neck are starting to show a few signs of failure.

Would have been really interested to here a bit more from you, on using the DF with 24-70mm and the 70-200mm, the staple of every wedding togs bag.


Kat Akers

I’m a little late to the party, but I’m a full time wedding photojournalist & fine art photographer and I’ve been shooting with the DF for many years now – everything in my portfolio was shot with it! It’s not for everyone, but I grew up with my mom shooting film, so I just can’t stand the feel of “normal” digital cameras. No point to this other than to say that it is definitely possible to use only the DF as a pro :)