Top 10 things to ask Your Wedding Photographer

Cornwall Wedding Photographer

Ok, so you have found a style you like, and although my exact approach and look is somewhat unique, you may have narrowed down your choice to a few photographers. Unfortunately (and fortunately) for you, our industry is a very crowded one, and it is hard sometimes to find exactly the person you are looking for and to make your all-important decision based solely on distinction from websites or trade show stands alone. You need to know who is serious about what they do and make comparison between them, and this is one of many reasons why meeting your wedding photographer at least once before your wedding is so critical. Luckily for me, the crowded industry provides almost example after example of how my photography, and photographers like me, provide an approach which is ‘leagues above the masses’, an opinion shared with previous couples and their relatives.

5 Practical and First Step Considerations

  1. Is he/she insured?
  2. Is he/she experienced, yet not looking at retirement?
  3. Is he/she Energetic and charismatic coupled with sound and prudent judgment?
  4. Is he/she well travelled across the UK / Abroad? (if appropriate)
  5. Does the portfolio excite you?

Top 10 things to ask Your Wedding Potential Photographer(s).

  1. Will he/she spend dedicated time with you in order to plan, provide assistance and execute your special day to its maximum potential?
  2. Will he/she give you complete usage of every picture they edit in full resolution with no copyright restriction?
  3. Does he/she have a dedicated person or team that’s provides hand designed products to present your wedding pictures, now or at a later date?
  4. Will he/she stay for the entirety of the day? Weddings typically DO NOT happen in 8 hours!
  5. Does he/she have other photographic experience other than shooting portraits and weddings? So that whatever may happen on your day or whatever the weather or location may be, they have a wealth of experience to draw from?
  6. How will he/she come dressed to your wedding? (Will they climb a tree, swim in the sea, sit in mud, or lie in a puddle if they are wearing a suite or dress?) Because that can, and often is, what is required to exhaust the maximum from your wedding pictures.
  7. Does he/she provide you with a pre shoot and disk of pictures at no extra cost or can you find hidden extras? – The pre shoot or engagement shoot is often underrated or not fully understood, but if you book a meeting with me, I will be sure to explain just how important it is.
  8. Will he/she show you a complete wedding, every picture their last wedding couple received? Not just the few they picked out, but the whole wedding, or three weddings if you wanted?
  9. Does he/she offer and can show examples of weddings abroad?
  10. Can you build more than a business relationship with them, can you become friends? Being open and comfortable with your photographer can become very important on such an emotional day for you.

Granted this is only a small list of things to watch out for and questions to ask but hopefully will stand you on higher ground when thinking about your wedding photography and wedding photographer.

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