Our Investment In Each Other

With flexible bases located between Cornwall, London and Malaga, I’m available throughout the UK, Spain, Italy and across Europe. More about “me” here.

I know weddings come in many different shapes and sizes and I’m fully aware one investment option doesn’t always fit all. That said, I’d like you to know that I commit fully to each of my amazing couples and thus you can expect the following from me no matter where, when or how your celebrations take place…





Expert planning, logistics and coordinating help from me, Barney, utilising my experience at 300+ weddings across more than 150 venues worldwide. I’ve done this a few times!

You’re welcome to visit me at my home bases in Cornwall, or Malaga anytime. Coffee shops in London work pretty well too, as does your video calling app of choice.

During the build up to your wedding I’ll speak with you personally on multiple occasions to help create a bespoke plan for your day, all led by your vision with help from my experiences.

I've also created a resource of more generic wedding planing help which is best described as Netflix for weddings, Wedflix if you like.

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You’ll receive no fewer than 250 edited images, just like you’ve seen throughout my website. Every delivered image is edited in my signature style and with the same level of care you’ll experience from me on your wedding day.

You’ll have access to a small selection of images within 14 days of your celebration, and the remainder within a matter of weeks.

Every image is yours to keep, in high resolution and without restriction.

You’ll also be given the option to acquire a hard drive containing the thousands of “out takes” captured during your day, essentially every click of my cameras.

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I’m meticulous about holding multiple copies of your photos. Which is why before your head even hits the pillow on your wedding night I'll have created no fewer than three copies of EVERY photo.

For the next twelve months there will never be fewer than three copies of your wedding photos across a minimum of two geographic locations.

All off-site storage is 100% encrypted.

When the happy day comes to relive your celebrations for the first time, the edited photos will be available via a password protected online gallery for you to view, share and download.

I’d love to also share some of my favourite photos from your day on my social media channels, but of course your permission will be sought and you’re welcome to opt-out of this.

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I aspire to operate a 100% carbon neutral business. Which is why all my road and air miles to and from your wedding will be off-set by investing in global tree planting projects supported by Tree Nation. You can find out more about my Environmental Policy here.

I’ll also never ask you to say “cheese” – unless you’re having vegan cheesecake – yummy! ;-)

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Your wedding documented by myself, from £1,995.

Or, your wedding documented by my trusted associate team, from £1,495.

A discounted rate is available for some off-peak dates, and mid-week (Mon-Thur).

I’m also happy to create a bespoke price for smaller weddings, elopements or multiple days of celebrations.

If you're also interested in a wedding video?  I’ve got that covered for you too.

Please find below a 5-minute "hello" video from me and at the end of this page a contact form where you can reach out to me for more details. Speak soon!


Hello from Me (Barney).