Meet the Team


Stewart has had a passion for photography since he was a teenager. After studying photography at university, it was Stewart's natural energetic and creative self that led him to document fun and emotive weddings wherever he is invited.

Stewart photographs weddings at home in Cornwall and Devon as well as destination weddings in France, Greece and Croatia.


Poppy is the person you're least likely to meet, but certainly the one working hardest behind the scenes to make everything look fabulous. She keeps the team together and is the feminine voice of reason when the boys need it.

After living in Spain for almost 3 years, Poppy and Barney were married in 2019 in their home county of Cornwall during a small (and rather last minute!) celebration amongst their close family and friends.


Sam is an energetic and naturally charismatic individual who would put even the most nervous person at ease, he has a natural ability to adapt to any situation and, like Barney, is a natural problem solver.

Sam started documenting weddings with Barney back in 2013. After leaving weddings briefly to help the expansion of his family construction business, Sam returned to weddings in 2017 both documenting his own weddings under our umbrella and alongside Barney at locations across the UK, Spain, Italy and Portugal.