Shooting Sparkler Tunnels – The Complete Guide


Barney, you’re a legend! Great article – the safety-first aspect I found really well thought out and considered, definitely taking some tips on that point. Amy.

Glad you found it so useful Amy. Great to here, hope all your travels went well, look forward to catching up soon! :D

Paul Keppel

Awesome advice mate, I’ve done a couple of tunnels before the last using the video light behind the couple which turns everything blue. I’ll get tomorrows tunnel 2metres apart and see how I get on :-)

Great article, love the images! Do you have a link for the sparklers you suggest? Thanks

Hi Sean, anything that is 18″ (40cm) is great! You need the golden ones (a warm tone), not the blue ones (cold tone). That’s about it. Don’t forget your box of lighters! :D