The Print Box


Each print box contains 10 of your chosen images printed on our lustre papers which are packaged into a lovely made-to-measure archival 100% recycled black box. We’ll also include a USB of your entire wedding collection inside each box.

These gift boxes are designed with your parents, siblings and friends in mind, but of course, you can also indulge yourselves and collect some wedding photos for the coffee table.

Once you’ve purchased a print box, Barney or Poppy will email you to explain how to select the 10 images you’d like to include within. If you purchase multiple print boxes you’ll be able to choose different images for each box, if you wish.

What’s Included? 10 of your chosen prints, a storage box, and 1 USB.

Additional information


10 @ 9"x6" prints, 1 USB and 1 archival black box.

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