Raw Hard Drive – Original Files


Everything you need to know is explained in the 7-minute video above. In brief…

All your original RAW files, as shot by us on your wedding day. This USB 3.0 Hard Drive will be delivered loaded with every image photo taken during your wedding celebrations in the original .NEF format. (a camera RAW profile)

The number of images within varies from wedding to wedding. As an estimate, for a full day by Barney, with help from a second photographer, the number of files can easily exceed 3,000 images.

As well as the original RAW files, we will also load a backup copy of all your processed ‘edited’ images in their FULL resolution, as can be found in your online gallery, or any USB you have purchased.

All RAW files are kept by us for a minimum of 6 months, after which, we cannot confirm if this option will be available to you.

Any questions?  info@barneywalters.co.uk


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Photo Files

Every frame documented on the day, in RAW. Every delivered photo provided in JPEG format as well as original RAW.

Video Files

All video clips included in unedited, and edited versions. (if applicable)

Pre Shoot

RAW and JPEG. (if applicable)


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