As with most family-operated businesses our business ethics are simply an extension of our personally held views of what is “right”.  Here you will find a list of the specific ideas and action steps we’re taking as both individuals, and as a family-operated business, to reduce our footprint on this world we share. 


Trickest topic first. Due to the very nature of our business activity, we cannot eliminate this. You’d like me/us to arrive at your wedding after all? That said, we aspire to operate a 100% carbon neutral business. Which is why all our road and air miles are off-set each year by investing in projects related to reforestation and educational projects surrounding the environment. Our carbon footprint is calculated each year by


Our home office is powered by 100% renewable energy. We do not use single-use batteries but instead ensure all our photographic, lighting and computer equipment operates with rechargeable batteries.


All our UK based printing partners use FCS certified papers and we do not support the use of leather in any of our wedding albums. 


All our booking agreements, communications, and invoicing are 100% digital to eliminate the need for physical paperwork. 

In fact; we don’t own a printer!

Charitable Support

From April 2021 we are committed to donating no less than 5% of our profit to causes related to sustainability and animal welfare.


Beyond the specifics mentioned above, we believe in mindful consumption, practice a vegan lifestyle and avoid any products, or services, that support animal testing.