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Documentary Wedding Photography Somerset Exmoor


great pictures, think the first frame is one of the best you’ve done :) nice

Mai Cudmore

Amazing photos! Shows off LQ really nicely! I’m the ‘friend of the bride and groom’ who did the singing! You may have noticed me following you around watching you take shots….I’ve just started taking some on film with an old Nikon F5, I love your shots!

Hi Edd, Many thanks for your kind words, I think I mentioned to you on the day that I really liked your stuff. After writing this I intend to do a little googling on you. As for Film, I also own a Nikon F5 as my main 35mm camera, doesn’t see a lot of use at weddings, but when people ask for a more refined look and a specific style then I love to get it out. Often use it in the mornings when things are a little more slow, especially for bridal and groom portraits whist getting ready. Mainly using film for personal and boudoir stuff at the moment. Its a great rock solid bit of kit, good buy!
Mary & Dave will have all 400+ of their pics on a disk and you should feel free to take a couple of the ones of you performing out if you want to use them for anything. – just let me know.
Many thanks again and all my best for your adventures in and around Bath.

Sarah Austic

Hi Barney,
I think the pictures you’ve taken are amazing, I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos when Dave & Mary get them. You’ve done a brilliant job, thank you so much!!

Dave & Mary will have them in the next couple of days and once they have got them I will put an online gallery of all the pics for everyone to see. ‘like’ me on Facebook and you will get a notification of when they are online.

Mary Matthews

Can’t believe that I kept it together for the whole wedding………. saw these photos this mornng and cried like a baby! They are beautiful, can’t wait to see the rest.

That Brilliant Mary, your opinion is the one that counts. All of the pics are in the post, make sure you wait to look through together. Give me a call when you have looked. Have a good week, its a beautiful day out. :)


Absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see them all. Thanks Barney :)

Many Thanks Adrienne although thanks are really to you for organising. I am sure you will see them from Dave & Mary very soon. I will also put a link to an online gallery with all the pics in on my Facebook Page over the weekend or early next week. So keep an eye out.

Lisa Dowell

These are so perfect especially no17. You seemed to be invisible at the event which is perfect fot the photophobics amongst us!

Thanks Lisa. You will be able to see some more very soon. Make sure you ‘like’ my Facebook page and you will be notified when there is an online gallery of the wedding. Thanks again. Have a good weekend.