Client Access


Wedding Guests:

From here you can view many, if not all, of the pictures that the Bride & Groom received from their wedding that you attended or perhaps unfortunately missed. You can also purchase small prints from these galleries of anything from a picture of the rings, the wedding kiss, group photos or a family picture you may have had taken by me at the wedding.

Normally the gallery is available around 3 weeks after the wedding, once the Bride & Groom have had time to see all their pictures first. However during this time I normally post a blog including some of the key pictures from each wedding, you can check to see if I have blogged the wedding you are looking for here. If after 4 weeks you still can’t log on then please double check with the Bride & Groom that they have an online gallery before contacting me.

In order to view the wedding gallery you will need to know three simple facts:

1. The Date Of The Wedding

2. The Grooms Surname

3. The Brides First Name

Normally the volume of pictures in each gallery can be several hundred. The best way to quickly scan through the pictures is to leave the layout in thumbnail view and click on the ‘Show All ‘ tab at the bottom of the page, this will allow you to scroll down through the thumbnails until you find what your looking for. Alternatively click on the first image and then use the arrows on the top right of the page to scroll through all the pictures one by one.

Please be aware that the time taken to load the gallery with depend on the speed of your internet connection, if you know you have a slow connection then please be patient whilst the quality of the pictures load.

Click Here or follow the link at the bottom of the page to take you to the log in page, here you will need to enter the Grooms Surname + The Wedding Date and then you will be asked for a password, which is the Brides First Name. Enjoy!


Portrait Clients:

If we have discussed and arranged an online viewing gallery for you then I will email the details of the gallery to you directly. If you have not received, forgotten or wish to have an online gallery then please send me a quick email, give me a call, or contact me here.