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Marbella Wedding Photographer Spain

Not all weddings are huge! Not all weddings have a 200 person guest list and not all weddings have to be 3 years in the planning, some weddings are simple. When it comes to photographing weddings I honestly have no preference over big weddings or small weddings, what I like about weddings are the variety of places and more importantly the variety of happy people, and the people that appreciate what I do. As I would imagine with most things and careers in life, diversity keeps things fresh and enjoyable and so too in photography for me. This wedding of Paula & Natalie early in 2013 was one of those occasions you just feel a breath of fresh air, it was the first civil partnership I had ever photographed and the only wedding for several months before and after where the guest list was less than 50 people. What wasn’t different was the fun and laughter they had throughout the day, a true pleasure to be involved in.