Hand Baggage – Part One

richard skins

Hi Barney,

Loving these posts! very helpful.

I’m sure you will go into it but what do you do regarding lithium batteries?

Have you ever had any issues in taking so many?



Hi Richard,

Providing you pack them within your carry-on, you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

Touch wood, I have always been fine. I have known some airports be funny with this (Hurgarda being an example), however, anywhere in Europe/Asia/Americas, I have never had any problems.

Most airports/carriers recommend you only carry 2 EXTERNAL batteries, and thus if you carry more than this, you could be ‘outside’ the rules if you find yourself with grumpy security staff that want to assert their authority.

Personally, I carry two (sometimes three bodies) with a battery within each body and then carry two spare batteries for my D750’S. Alongside this, I normally always have about 16 AA’s and 12 AAA’s and have, to date, never been questioned on the number of batteries. (except once by another passenger.) ;)

In summary, I only carry 4, or sometimes 5 Lithium Batteries, and only 2 are ever external. That’s the rules on the CAA and .gov websites, (PER / PERSON), and I don’t see any need to carry anymore anyway! I always have my dual charger with me too,

Of course, the final say is ALWAYS with the airport security staff.

Hope that offers some reassurance, Richard.


Hey Barney,
I can’t get onto the old Travel Geeks bit and was looking for some info you shared.
What was the laptop bag you recommended?

Hi Lucy,

Yes, sorry, trying to move everything over under the ‘Barney’ umbrella. It’s a slow process, however already got 10,000 words of content up, and as you have spotted, not mentioned bags I use yet. ;)

The quick answer for you; I have for the past 3 years, used the Think Tank Retrospective 7 to carry as hand luggage, alongside my Think Tank Airport International. I normally pack just my toiletries, laptop, hard drive and various leads and chargers within, but then on location use it as my lens holder whilst on the move throughout a wedding day.

That said, just today I bought a Think Tank Urban Disguise 40, as I would like in future to connect my shoulder bag to my trolly when moving through airports, and I am also looking at stepping away from my 11″ Macbook in favour of a Macbook 13′ Pro, when on the move.

Remember that the retrospective 7 is great, but you can only fit an 11″ Macbook. However it’s an awesome bag for me, I am sill using the 11″ Macbook and can conformably move around city’s with my laptop/2 bodies and 3 lenses, in a nice snug, small (non-photo) looking bag. ;)

Hope that helps,

Best, Barney