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A look forward at 2011

Jack Caulfield

You said you were open for question so… How did you build your website and create / buy your domain….?

Thats a question and a half that is Jack.
Well firstly this blog, is made using WordPress, its Free, fairly user friendly and can be accessed from anywhere. If you wanted to start blogging or posting then after social networking this is a good place to do it. I keep my day-to-day networking on Facebook and Twitter and use this blog as a blog where I post more detailed posts once every few weeks or so.

As for my website…At the moment I use Mac’s integrated iWeb program that is build into the iLife Package on most Mac’s. This is a really really really simple to use program and the easiest way to create a website I have found. You pay to post your site on the web through a system called MobileMe which we cost £50 a year, but you get so many other features with it. You can use templates or a blank page to create your site. With anything their are drawbacks, the main one is that the website is image based rather than text based, so search engines, google, do not read them so well, which is why networking is so important to me. However if it was for just friends and family, which is ultimately what iWeb is made for then it is SUPER. Eventually I will need to pay a web designer, but or now it suites me. If you use PC (then you should be shot, only joking) then iWeb is not a possible solution for you, however going back to WordPress, you can adapt a blog into a Webpage.

For domain names i suggest you look at

I hope this answers your questions Jack, and feel free to ask away in the future, perhaps I will do a post in the near future on how to create a blog.


Barney Walters