Wedding Photography: My Approach

u-What I do, in brief…

My approach is to document your wedding in the most natural, creative and authentic way possible. Building a story with photographs, a visual story, a story that will only increase in value as the years roll on.

Couples that book me to document their celebrations are generally relaxed, have a chilled-out deminer and can think of their wedding celebrations as a ‘party’ with all their nearest and dearest. They openly enjoy life, and like me, often find themselves globe-trotting. Above all though, we will share a passion for photography and in turn the importance of moments, memories and visual triggers.

In the lead up to your wedding, I look forward to learning about your plans, ideas, and ‘vision’ for your celebration, as well as getting to know you both personally. I am always happy to offer my thoughts or suggestions on most things wedding related, not just limited to photography, but that’s always an awesome conversation starter. 🙂

On the day itself, I work like a friend with a camera (or two), enjoying everything with you and your guests. In doing so, I will slip into the background for the most part. You’ll likely notice me most when I come bouncing up to you both, mumbling quickly something like; “Let’s go now guys! The light outside is awesome!”

I thoroughly enjoy becoming a part of each and every wedding I’m invited to document. Exploring, making new connections, and telling stories along the way, stories and photographs that capture a personal moment in time.

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