Feminine Beauty

Some weeks ago I attended a workshop in Bristol with several other photographers to look into and photograph the idea of Feminine Beauty. Photographer Damien Lovegrove organised and ran the workshop for us and I think I can safely say it was a good day had by all.

The shoot lasted most of the day and our model was Agata from Bristol. Hair and make-up was provided by Vicky Waghorn. I have unfortunately had to push these pictures to the back of my editing stack for a while, but have now found some time to browse through and present a few here.

I shot the whole day on my Canon 5D mk2 and mainly used a 50mm f/1.4 and a 70-200 f/2.8 lens. I did also get to play with Damien’s 100mm f/2.8 macro which I feel being added to my shopping cart soon. The lighting used is a mixture of natural lighting on the rather cloudy day in Bristol and artificial continuos lighting supplied by a Lupo 1200 light.

None of my pictures have undergone any ‘photoshop’ to enhance the figure, indeed the only editing I have done on the majority of the pictures is black and white conversion and a little exposure adjustment in some areas. The idea and pictures try to be true to the model and not be false. By using light, posing clothing and accessories this is intended to be implemented as a wedding add on or a portrait shoot for those women looking to celebrate their sexuality. My personal phrase for the style is ‘tasteful yet elegant’.

If your are interested in having a similar shoot done then please contact me. Friends or partners are always welcome to come along on shoots like this and a female assistant will always be on hand to the both of us. Hair styling can also be provided.

I hope you like the pictures and would love to hear your thoughts.

– BW

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