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I don’t do a huge amount of studio photography during the year, however when the winter months set in, it certainly gets harder to go out and about. In the lead up to christmas a family who are increasingly regular clients of mine decided to have a few studio style pictures done. Now we have all seen the white backdrop and lots of light style of a studio shoot (a certain high street brand made this very popular around 10 years ago). It is my aim to make what I do a little different and therefore the majority of my studio work is low lit and uses the minimal about of light (usually no more than three lights), which is great for little kids who can often find a large studio with lots of gear fairly daunting.

The family recieved just shy of 80 pictures on disk in full resolution from amount 90 minutes playing in my studio. We spent approximately a total of 4 minutes shooting formal style pictures and for the rest of the time I just left them to it and pulled some funny faces and did a bit of dancing in the hope of entreating the child, not scaring her.  For this shoot I only used one light for the entire set of pictures and here are three of my favourite shots.


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