About Barney Walters

barneywalters.comTravelling near and far to connect with couples and tell their stories, is such a rewarding experience and probably the reason I have never really wanted to do anything else, (except maybe an RAF pilot when I was a teenager).

Poppy and I grew up in Cornwall, in the South West of England. We still spend several months of the year in Cornwall and Devon for weddings, and to see family. Recently, though, you will also find us on the road between (or in the air would be more specific) London, the South West and our ‘second home’ near Malaga and Marbella on the South Coast of Spain.

I frequently travel between the UK and Spain. Totalling nearly 60 international flights in 2016 alone. Yes, I’m also a travel, airline, and miles geek!

Whilst many members of my family tell me I should sit still a little more, I am endlessly looking for an adventure and a reason to travel. When not doing something wedding related, I am likely to be found in a coffee shop, skiing the nearest mountain, researching the travel industry, or scuba diving in the nearest sea.

On a wedding day, I love absorbing all the social connections that unfold, there are so many stories to be told within one event. As your ‘photographer’, or ‘guest with a camera’, I will be looking around to maximise every last minute of those social connections.

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Barney’s Travel Plans 2017

I will be uploading my detailed 2017 travel plans soon. As in 2016, you will find me regularly between Cornwall, London & Malaga throughout 2017, I will also be visiting;

  • Lake Garda, Italy
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Dubai, UAE
  • California, USA
  • Stockholm, Sweden

Let’s see where else you will take me… 😉

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