Destination Wedding Photographer | Barney Walters

*Cornwall, London, Malaga – U.K, Spain, Italy – Europe, Asia, Worldwide*

Connecting with people, seeing the world and telling stories along the way. For me, this is an inspiring and self-motivating way to live. So it’s a crazy idea that I get to do this by documenting weddings, being a Destination Wedding Photographer, and calling it my ‘job’.

Exploring new ideas, making connections and treating every wedding as an adventure, is how I become involved in the narrative of a wedding. Never detached from that narrative. Seeing things from the inside, results, in what I hope, is a very honest and emotive way to tell a story. Above all, this is what I am aiming to achieve with every couple who invite me into their lives, to tell their story, and yours, from within.

My passion for photography, travel and communicating stories only increases when surrounded by people who are also passionate and open-minded about life and the vast possibilities of their wedding celebrations.

If you are reading this, hopefully, you are such a couple; looking for someone to document your day, record those fleeting, yet ever so important moments, which will become triggers for your memories for many, many years to come.

You may even make a new friend in the process. (i hope you will)